New version of ARCHION-XML v5.20 1

New version of ARCHION-XML v5.20

As part of its continuous improvement of its products and services, Hypersystems announces the release of the new version of the ARCHION-XML v5.20 document management software.

The new version of ARCHION-XML v5.20 includes:

  •  Digital signature support at all stages of the approval process
  •  Ability to identify co-signatories in Outgoing Mail, Proposal, Decision, and generally in any stream in which the approval process is applied
  •  Ability to automate authorization process flow, for each document type, with predefined feeds from rapporteur
  •  Automatically convert drawing to outbound
  •  Insert Protocol and FSA Details in Outgoing Mail Documents
  •  Digital Signature Insert for Exact Copy Issue in Outgoing Mail Documents

The new version is provided free of charge to all customers who are covered by a relevant maintenance contract and wish to install it.

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