Modern Electronic Writing System for the media newsroom

HPRESS-XML - Electronic Writing System 1

HPRESS-XML is a state-of-the-art Electronic Writing System for the media newsroom. It offers the ability to compose news, distribute, automatically import news from various sources and archive.

  • Input from various sources (news agencies, journalists, faxes, correspondents).The information is in the form of texts, images, graphics, video and audio.
  • Listing and accessing news by publisher, author, origin, category, extent, title, page etc.
  • News editing (copy, move, compose, split screen, edit text).
  • Full text retrieval with any words or expressions, with all possible endings and using a synonym treasure.
  • Immediate (on – line) access to an unlimited amount of information.
  • It enables journalists to remotely connect to the central system.
  • Special edition for broadcasting management.
  • Link to a paging subsystem for publishing jobs.
  • System security classification by assigning different access rights to system authors, editors, operators or operators.
  • Receive news at the same time from different news agencies (texts, photos, graphics).
  • News rating according to importance.
  • Updating editors for important news arrivals.Archiving in the database system.
  • Copy one or more news and transfer to the news editor.
  • Search for news with any word or word combination in the text and title.
  • Search by combination of words and elements such as date, agency, category, priority, title.
  • Manage personal themes with relevant news.
  • Modern Internet / INTRANET architecture according to international standards.
  • Expand the system according to the needs of the organization.
  • Fast and reliable system operation.
  • Extremely safe for 24-hour continuous operation (dual computer system).
  • Very friendly and easy to use with instruction screens for every function.
  • Modify the system to meet the specific requirements of each environment.
  • Connection with existing computer systems in the organization.
  • Modern Operating Systems –HPRESS -XML is available on Linux, Unix, and Windows Servers.
  • Powerful Database –Operation via JDBC with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc
  • Application Servers –Support J2EE servers like Oracle, Glassfish, Jboss etc
  • Web Browsers –Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari Opera etc.