Cookies  Policy

The Hypersystems Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) treats the privacy of its visitors at its website with particular seriousness and responsibility.

For this reason, we hereby consider it appropriate to inform you that we use cookies on our site to provide you with the best possible service, as well as to explain the reasons and how to use them.


Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the web browser of each site visitor. Cookies make it possible to identify your web browser without having to access any document or file from the visitor’s computer.

Our Company uses them to collect specific information from website visitors, such as preference for specific services, number of visitors through the browser or device used.

Categories of Cookies

Our Company uses the following categories of cookies for the following purposes:

Category A:

Necessary Cookies

The necessary cookies are all that are required for the proper and smooth operation of the site, as well as the various services offered through it. Without them, our Company cannot serve you, so they cannot be deactivated individually.

Our use of this particular set of cookies is recommended by our Company in order to provide you with the necessary services such as access to secure parts of the site during your visit, registration of your requests in the contact form, etc.

These cookies are collected anonymously, without identifying the individual visitor.

Category B:

Performance – Analysis Cookies

Performance or otherwise cookies collect information about how visitors operate the site, which services and pages they choose most often, the number of visits to the site or sub-pages, the time spent on a particular page, and whether visitors receive it error messages from web pages.

By using this particular category of cookies our Company has the ability to monitor and measure the activity of the site, with the aim of continually improving it for your convenience.

These cookies are collected anonymously, without identifying the individual visitor.These cookies may be provided to us by third party providers of analytical tools, but are used solely for the purposes related to our site.

C Category:

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies help to store and use information already provided by site visitors (eg language selection).

In this way the information provided to the visitor is customized according to his previous preferences and thus improved services are provided.

These cookies are collected anonymously, without identifying the individual visitor.

Manage Cookies

The visitor of the website is thoroughly informed by the Explanation screen (banner pop-up) of our Company about the categories of cookies we use and is granted the right to choose or reject the respective category.

By selecting the word “ACCEPTANCE” in the pop-up window the visitor accepts the use of cookies in his browser in accordance with the terms of use as set forth herein.

Each visitor can reshuffle their preferences at any time and enable or disable cookies categories from their browser.

In order to process his preferences he can select the settings (redirect to cookies immediately)

The necessary cookies are the only absolutely necessary for the operation of the site and as a result they cannot be deactivated. If the visitor wishes to exclude them, they should leave the site.

For the other types of cookies, which are optional, the visitor can enable or disable the cookie categories at any time and make the necessary adjustments according to his / her preferences.

However, should we choose to disable a category, some of our services may not be available or may not function properly due to the exclusion of useful data.

If a visitor wishes to enable or disable some or all of the categories of cookies, he may do so from his browser settings and be informed of the help function or instructions in his program.

Depending on your browser the visitor can visit the following websites:


If you would like to contact us for any questions regarding the use of cookies by our Company you can contact the Company: a) at the email address: ……………… ..b) at the Company’s address (…) …… ..) – Perspective of Personal Data.

We are committed to replying to you within thirty calendar days of the date on which your request was filed.

Our Company’s refusal or unreasonable delay in satisfying your claims in the exercise of your rights entitles you to seek the Personal Data Protection Authority as a materially competent supervisory authority.

In any event, you reserve the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of applicable law. For more information you can visit the website of the personal data protection authority

For more information about protecting your personal data you can refer to our Privacy Policy (to be redirected immediately)

Modifications Cookies  Policy

The Company may in accordance with its applicable privacy policy and within the applicable legal and regulatory framework may revise or amend this update, which will always be available on the Company’s website under the Cookies Policy section.