New corporate site

Creating a new corporate site and focusing on the further development of ARCHION-XML to make it look and function simpler.


Predefined Routes

Upgrading the ARCHION-XML that provides additional facilities such as predefined routing to automate workflow (predefined routing).



New subsystem for automatically uploading documents to the “Διαύγεια” based on the TransparencyAPI . The subsystem produces fully dynamic forms with the required fields of any type of suspension.



The new version of HPRESS was installed on ERT



The new version of HPRESS has been installed on ALPHA TV, ERT, ALPHA TV Cyprus, TVONE Cyprus. Also released was the new version of ARCHION-XML 5.9 with the latest developments in security, digital signaturesand interoperability .


“e-pronoia” & “Digital Public Real Estate Services”

Two major national-scale e-government projects were launched in which Hyperystems partnered with ARCHION-XML as a key document management and workflow subsystem. The project “e-pronoia: Digital social welfare services for the citizen” and the project “Digital Public Services” of the Ministry of Finance.Hypersystems educational software also completed a series of fully accessible e-books for deaf and hard of hearing students.


Extension of facilities

Archion-XML’s facilities have been expanded to entities such as EETT, EOE, ETEAN, Regional Directorates of Health – Welfare, OGA etc and the HPRESS-XML in the Parliament television station. At the end of the year, version 4.5 of ARCHION-XML incorporated the latest changes to the Digital Signature Subsystem and the DIAGNOSIS II program. At the same time, it significantly improved overall functionality.



The upgrade of the Electronic Editorial System for the needs of the Cyprus News Agency and ERT has been completed.Version 4.4 of the ARCHION-XML also presented which complies with the latest instructions of the Ministry of Administrative Reform, on the handling of electronic files, digital signatures and postings on the DIAGNOSIS website.


Foreign Authorities of the Foreign Ministry

The installation of ARCHION-XML in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and major Foreign Affairs Authorities of the Foreign Ministry has been completed. A new version (v4.3) was introduced with the addition of the Communication Manager module for communication between heterogeneous systems as well as a digital signature support subsystem communication subsystem.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hypersystems is upgrading, with ARCHION-XML, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Electronic Document Management System to both the Central Office and the Foreign Authorities.


Police Online

Large documents management and workflow projects of the 3rd CSF (Information Society) were delivered and launched with the new improved version of ARCHION-XML v3. The work of Police Online , in which Hypersystems participated in the implementation of the “ELAS Mail Application” as a subcontractor of BYTE SA , was designated as Best Practice by EU. and was awarded the “Project of the Year 2009” at the 11th Greek ICT Forum.

The ARCHION-XML v4.0 version with its own Workflow subsystem has also been announced.


Hypersystems SA

Hypersystems became SA and technologically announced ARCHION-XML v3.0 which supports Oracle 11g, SQL Server, BPEL, J2EE servers (Oracle, Glassfish, Jboss etc) . It incorporates as an additional functionality all the improvements that have been developed in the context of recent implementations in highly demanding client applications such as ASEP, ESR, EETT, EKAB, HELLENIC POLICE etc.

In addition, 2008 marks Hypersystems’ entry into the field of specialized educational software and e-learning , with Hypersystems participating in the Pedagogical Institute’s competition for accessible Special Education Education software for Primary Education. All four of the projects developed by the company were approved, receiving the highest rating both in their category and in all projects.



The company has completed and delivered a series of demanding projects in the field of document management to clients in the Public and Private Sector and has evolved into the new technology platform all versions of its products (Electronic Protocol, Document Management, Publishing Systems, Workflow, Mail, OCR, Fax).


Archion-XML in J2EE environment

The company has updated its technology platform in line with international web applications standards. At that time, ARCHION-XML was developed in a J2EE environment while XML, XSL, XSLTtechnologies were used to interoperate heterogeneous systems and present information dynamically according to international standards (XML Messaging, web services).


Oracle 9i

All applications have been ported to Oracle 9i and new versions have been created which include:

  • Web Content Management
  • Workflow management in collaboration with Oracle Workflow



The implementation of projects with ARCHION-WEB has continued intensively, adding various new features such as:



Almost all clients have been upgraded to the new ARCHION-WEB application. At the same time, the new HPRESS-WEB news management application was introduced and the Archived-WEB was transferred to Oracle 8i Server and Oracle interMedia.


ARCHION-WEB with Oracle

First installation of the ARCHIVE-WEB with Oracle (FREE TYPE).



Introducing the new version of the ARCHION-WEB based on Oracle products (Oracle8 Server, Context Cartridge), a complete electronic document management and archiving system that works fully through a web browser.



Presentation of ARCHION-WIN in MS-WINDOWS environment with client-server architecture for managing and archiving electronic documents from scanners, word processors etc.

Keeping a close eye on the fast-paced technological developments and trends in the international market, brought about by the advent of the Internet and webtechnologies , HYPERSYSTEMS has been one of the first companies to adopt web technologies in software solutions.Thus, at the beginning of 1996, there was the first version of ARCHION-WEB that initially covered the search subsystem of documents, articles, photos from the ARCHEION application (use on the website of ΑΥΓΗ and COMPULINK).


First edition

Installing the first version of the ARCHION application in a UNIX environment (ANTENNA TV).



HYPERSYSTEMS is established with the primary purpose of providing unstructured information management software. It has been operating in its current legal form since 2008.

HYPERSYSTEMS was one of the first companies in Greece to specialize in providing software solutions for the management of unstructured information , focusing on “smart” full text retrieval and with full support of the Greek language.