How ARCHEION-XML can help you comply with the Rules

The General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) is the latest EU data protection law. 
Its purpose is to protect individuals from the processing of personal data. It will enter into force on 25 May 2018 , with a mandatory single application for each Member State, as well as companies independently headquartered processing EU resident data.

It is therefore necessary for the agencies to take the necessary measures to comply, as fines could otherwise reach up to EUR 20 million or otherwise 4% of annual turnover.

The role of Hypersystems , through the use of ARCHEION-XML , in this changing system is to provide its clients with the tools necessary to protect their information systems and protect their documents and data.

But what exactly is the relationship between documents and data, and what role does the Document Management System play in this relationship?

According to the Rules, any information that identifies or can identify a natural person is personal data. Thus, any document, paper or electronic form (email, file, form, notes, etc.) containing such information is subject to the Rules of Procedure.

By extension it should be archived, processed, protected, controlled in accordance with them. It therefore appears that the fundamental importance of a Document Management System as a key tool for the compliance of the organization , while at the same time, the EMS itself must fulfill the conditions laid down and comply with the requirements of the Rules of Procedure. Through our many years of experience in secure document management and handling we have the knowledge and ability to provide the necessary support. In addition, based on the requirement of the Regulation to protect data already by design and by default , we follow the necessary technical and organizational measures to achieve the processing of only the personal data that are necessary for the purpose of processing.

ARCHION-XML offers inter alia the ability to secure access to and access to personal data, the ability to extract , correct and delete them, as well as ensuring their protection and their inactivation .

Among the mechanisms implemented in ARCHION-XML are:

  •  Characterization of information (structured or unstructured) as containing personal data
  •  Data protection during encryption and storage by encryption
  •  Protect data from deletion and third party access
  •  Search and extract data
  •  Correct incorrect data
  •  Secure data transfer / deletion mechanism according to retention date
  •  Anonymize and maintain a special edition of documents with different access privileges
  •  Characterization and handling of individual attachments and versions of personal data documents (with the same security mechanisms)
  •  Mechanism to record all user actions in documents and metadata as well as in any management function
  •  Integrity of all relevant data (documents, metadata, publications, etc.), digital signature and metadata
  •  Locking data from further processing, sending etc.
  •  Understandable user interface

We look forward to discussing in detail how you can prepare for this change in your personal data management processes today!

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