New version of ARCHION-XML v5.9 1

New version of ARCHION-XML v5.9

As part of its continuous improvement of its products and services, Hypersystems announces the release of the new version of the ARCHEION-XML v5.9 document management software.

The new version of ARCHEION-XML v5.9 features the following:

  • Improvements on the Digital Signature subsystem regarding use of proxy, installation wizard, and visible signature parameters
  • Multi session support
  • Integration with Active Directory, including Single Sign On (SSO), load Balancing and Oracle Authentication Management (OAM)
  • Integration with the latest version of most common Application Servers (i.e. Weblogic 12.1.3)

The new version is provided free of charge to all customers who are supported by a relevant maintenance contract, and wish to install the latest features of ARCHEION-XML .

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