National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) 1

Integrated Information System (IIS) Documents and Tasks Management

  • Electronic Protocol, Document Management and Handling for Categories:
    • Central Mail (incoming, outgoing),
    • Internal correspondence,
    • Individual Acts (President, Vice-Presidents, Directors)
    • Suggestions to the plenary,
    • Plenary decisions
    • Plenary Minutes (Meetings)
  • Debt management and case monitoring. Charging and monitoring of pending cases or cases to be processed on a period of time or by the employee who has billed the document.
  • Process of electronic approvals using Digital Signatures .
  • Automated approval process based on predefined workflow rules
  • Automated posting of documents on the Di @ Health website .
  • Mail tracking (search and retrieve any document through searches)
  • Specialized e-mail reception application at MAIL ( MAIL )
  • Instant Visual Character Recognition ( OCR ) subsystem on all documents imported into the system
  • Reported billed documents.
  • Integration with business applications
  • Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) support .

J2EE environment, XML , ORACLE Database Server, PAYARA Application Server.