National Council of Radio and Television (ESR) 1

Electronic Document Management and Workflow, Electronic File Management for the National Broadcasting Council

  • Electronic Protocol, Management and Handling of Incoming and Outgoing Mail Documents as well as Internal Mail.
  • Electronic Recording, Management and Handling of Envelopes (Plenary Recommendations)
  • Debt management and case monitoring. Charging and monitoring of pending cases or cases to be processed on a period of time or by the employee who has billed the document.
  • Automatically associate inbound and outbound documents and the ability to access all associated documents
  • Mail tracking (search and retrieve any document through searches)
  • Automated Procedure for the Presentation of the Envelope of Entries to the ESS Plenary, from the Initial (Creation of Envelope) to the Final (Plenary Decision / Archiving)
  • Advanced search with a combination of criteria defined by the individual user (such as date, category, folder, topic etc.) and any word in the texts (full text retrieval)
  • Prints using the search function.

J2EE environment, XML , ORACLE Database Server, PAYARA Application Server.