Ministry of Finance - Real Estate Services 1

Implementation of Electronic Protocol, Document Management, Content Management and Workflow, in the framework of the project “Digital Services of Public Property and National Heritage (HYD.EP.EK)

  • Electronic, protocol, handling and handling of correspondence, confidential correspondence and internal correspondence
  • Debt management and case monitoring. Charging and monitoring of pending cases or cases to be processed on a period of time or by the employee who has billed the document. Electronic approvals procedure
  • Automatically associate inbound and outbound documents and the ability to access all associated documents
  • Mail tracking (search and retrieve any document through searches)
  • Prints using the search function.
  • Process of electronic approvals using Digital Signatures .
  • Integrated Project Management, Outbound, Accurate Outbound Copy, by insertingdigital signatures, protocol elements and appointments into relevant versions of documents
  • Extended ability to handle attachments, document versions , and master document management (Forwarding)
  • Automated posting of documents on the Di @ Health website .
  • Interoperability with business applications (Registries, Portals) through web services
  • Interoperability with other applications of the Ministry of Finance Electronic Protocol through web services

J2EE environment, XML , ORACLE Database Server, Weblogic Application Serve