Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) 1

HYPERSYSTEMS has undertaken the creation of accessible educational software for Primary and Secondary Education. The software was designed with the most demanding accessibility requirements in mind and covers users with hearing impaired users.

Educational Software covers the following sections:

  • Language A ‘, B’ and C ‘Primary
  • History C ‘, D’, E ‘and F’ Primary
  • Elementary and Elementary Physics
  • Geography E ‘and F’ Primary

The educational material is designed to be an aid to the Special Education teacher as well as to the General Education teacher working with deaf and hard of hearing students. Includes general information on deafness, sign language and communication, along with information about the software itself and its use

The software was delivered in digital CD-ROM format with Installation Guide, User Manual and Teacher Book

In the next phase, HYPERSYSTEMS delivered to the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) the “Design and Development of Accessible Educational & Supervisory Materials for Students with Disabilities” Act  fully accessible e-books for the Deaf and hard of hearing students of the first and second grade of elementary school:

  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Environmental studies
  • Anthology
  • Teaching Greek Sign Language
  • Vocabulary

The above educational material is now accessible through customization:

  1. In Greek Sign Language (ENG)
  2. In Acoustic form by a native speaker
  3. In different font sizes and
  4. In electronic format with the ability to print content and meaning pictures

Accompanied by a Teacher Book

The e-books are posted on the project website