Police Online 1

Since 1/1/2009, the productive operation of the Hellenic Police Electronic Mail Application, which is based on the Hypersystems Document and Task Management Software, has been successfully launched. The main features of the Mail Application are:

  • Electronic management of ELAS official mail
  • Automated document writing process using templates
  • Routing documents for approval using digital signature
  • Automatically send documents to services, addresses, workflow sections according to predefined rules
  • Advanced search with criteria such as date, category, folder, topic as well as any word in the texts (full text retrieval)
  • Interoperability with business applications (Portals) through web services
  • Centralized User Management System with SSO Support (Tivoli)
  • Automatically send and receive email and fax
  • Customizable reporting subsystem
  • Environment with Oracle Database and Application Server , Tivoli Directory.
  • Support 1500 online services nationwide, with 3000 documents daily and 5000users.

The Mail Application was implemented by a joint working group of Hypersystems and the BYTE AEBE contractor, as part of Police Online Subproject 1.